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Our company was started over 10 years ago by word of mouth from our customers.  Our niche was catering to small businesses, and their company's employees.  Don't make the mistake of having your next door neighbor or a friend come over to help you fix your computer.  Your PC contains critical and sensitive information such as banking data, retirement plans, stocks and investment, confidential documents or perhaps it's just treasured digital pictures.  Avoid a potential embarrassing situation.  Keep your internet surfing and your data private; call Connecting Point Consulting to help with your computing needs.

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Home Computer Setup, Upgrading, and Training

We'll help you setup
a brand new computer, or upgrade the old one.  We can help you backup all of your critical files or data before we do any upgrading or converting to a new computer.  We can also help you to install new peripheral devices such as a PDA, printer, or help you setup your e-mail.  If you'd like we can also spend some time with you to cover some computer basics, one on one training in the privacy of your own home, and at your own pace!

Home Network Services…
We provide support for networking multiple computers and peripherals at your home. We can assist in setting up a cable, DSL or dial-up Internet connection. You can share one Internet connection with all computers in your home and have simultaneous but independent and private access from each computer. We can set up a wireless network for your convenience or to avoid running cables into parts of your home.

Wireless networks work great at the office or at home. With today's wireless technologies, you can securely access the Internet at broadband speeds with DSL or cable routers and share peripherals on your network.  Wireless networks add convenience and avoid wiring issues.  Wireless equipment consists of an "access point" and "network cards" which go into a laptop or desktop computer. You need only one access point for each group of computers and a wireless network card for each computer. The radio signals used are safe, secure and very similar to cordless telephones used in most homes today.  We can network Macintosh and Windows computers together to share files, printers and one Internet connection.

We can also help with the following:

Router Installation and Setup • Internet Connection Sharing 
Firewall Configuration • PC Card/Adapter Installation 
Wireless Optimization (as necessary) • Email Setup

Removal of Viruses and Spyware …
These days it is so easy to get a Virus or Spyware on your computer. Either of these can prevent you from accessing the Internet, make your computer run very slowly and create constant pop-up ads which make it difficult to impossible to use your computer.

We can efficiently remove all these pests from your computer and in most cases, preserve all your data and installed programs. Your computer will feel like new again and become snappy and responsive. With the proper configuration of your computer, we can make it much more difficult to get a Virus or Spyware again. We recommend Microsoft's Service Pack 2 for Windows XP users. Service Pack 2 will help improve your security when combined with the proper configuration of your computer and mindful use of the Internet.
Network design, consulting and installation…

If you are moving to a new home, upgrading or expanding your current network,
Connecting Point can assist you. We can take care of new wiring, hardware specification, equipment purchases, software configuration, Internet access and general home networking solutions.

We can set up VPN connections so you can assess your home office network while traveling.


Call us for all of your IT and Networking solutions. 

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