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Our business services and consultants are top notch.  If you're a large business we can help your IT staff with large projects or consult them on complicated issues.  For a medium size or small business we can be your IT staff.  We understand the necessity of your network's uninterrupted availability.  Whenever possible, we schedule all network-down activities AFTER your business has closed or on the weekends, thus avoiding costly down-time for your business.   Call us today to see how we can make your business technology work for you and save you money. 

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Network Setup, Support, and Administration
Our technicians are available for network installation and support; we conduct all of our changes and upgrades after hours or on weekends so we do not interrupt your business.   We install the cabling, routers and switches, develop a sensible network design and setup the servers and workstations.  We can setup and configure your workstation operating system as well as your server operating system.  We'll also get your company e-mail up and running and then we will setup and maintain your network security. 

Once we've developed a relationship we can monitor and even correct issues remotely.  We can correct most problems in a matter of minutes and most of the time without requiring a site visit.  After a few years you're bound to need an upgrade, we give continuing support for upgrading your desktops and laptops, we can also conduct other software installations.
We aid you with your infrastructure design and purchase decisions. We can select the most appropriate hardware and software to accomplish your company's goals.  Since we are a company that can assist you in every facet of your computer technologies, we have the correct answers and we provide solutions.

Monthly Service Plans
Connecting Point now offers several monthly computer maintenance agreement options.  They are custom tailored to your unique needs and budget. Is your business not quite large enough for a dedicated IT staff, but you require assistance on an ongoing basis?  Find our how your business and employees can benefit by having one of our experts by their side.

Data Redundancy and Backup Systems
A good back up system is crucial in a business environment. Don't let a hardware failure set you back or possibly put you out of business. Take the proper precautions and set up a redundancy and backup system to protect all your mission critical applications and data.
Having a well-planned backup strategy is the most effective way to protect your vital data. With the number of hacks and viruses on the rise, properly backing up and storing your data has never been more important.

We can setup your backup along with a disaster recovery plan.  At Connecting Point, our experience can help ensure that you have the measures and procedures in place to recover your data. We develop disaster recovery systems for companies with less than 1 Gigabyte of data to companies with 100s of Gigabytes of data. We have created solutions for companies with a single location and ones with multiple locations.

Contact us to discuss developing a reliable and innovative backup design that will accomplish the goal of protecting your data and will provide the ability to get your company back up FAST in case of a disaster.

Today you can't effectively respond to your customers or conduct business without staying connected to e-mail.  Our consultants are experts at network connectivity and are familiar with the many different options.  Together we can help you find a solution that works best for your company.  Whether you need several offices across the country to all be on the same network with access to centralized data, or you just need to be working from home or on vacation effectively and securely.  Perhaps you just need help setting up a Blackberry or other PDA to your Exchange server.  Contact us to discuss developing your infrastructure and a remote solution that allows your company's goals to be accomplished.

Firewalls, Anti-Virus, and Spyware
These days it is so easy to get a Virus, Spyware or Adware on a computer. Any of these can clog your network and bring all your traffic to halt, literally crippling your business and preventing you from accessing the Internet.  It will also cause your computers to run very slowly and create constant pop-up ads, which make it difficult to impossible to use your computer.

Connecting Point can efficiently remove all these pests from your computers and in most cases, preserve all your data and installed programs. With the proper configuration of your computer and your network we can make it much more difficult to get a Virus or Spyware again. We will help you improve your security by adding a firewall to your network or just improve security on your desktops.


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