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Reliable Computer Services for your Business

Preventative Maintenance Data Recovery Capacity Planning Remote Diagnostics

As the owner or manager of a business, you know only too well how a computer problem can have a major effect on your business performance and revenues. 

Whether that computer is in the office or by your side when you visit customers, the time it takes to fix it could have been more profitably spent managing your business. 

Whether you have one computer sitting in your basement, or 50 workstations in a branch office, the time it takes you to fix them could have been better spent managing YOUR business.  Leave the computer issues to the pros at Connecting Point Consulting.

With Connecting Point Consulting you and your staff have access to prompt on-site business computer repair services.  We are available either on an ‘as needed’ basis, or under one of our all-encompassing monthly service agreements. We let you focus on your company, while we keep your business systems up and running. 



Remote Diagnostics and Monitoring
Our state of the art remote diagnostics systems allow us to solve many common problems within minutes, without even setting foot in your office.  This allows you to get back to work quickly, and without the wait time associated with scheduling a service call!  Translation: We can get you up and running QUICKLY, without even setting foot inside your building.  Additionally, we have optional remote MONITORING services available, which instantly notify our technicians the instant a monitored device or system fails.  We can watch for server failures, tape backup problems, power outage issues, Email system problems, and many others!

There When You Need Us

We feature 24/7 emergency services, as well as preventative maintenance programs, all of which are custom designed to keep your company running smoothly.  

Monthly Service Plans
Connecting Point now offers several monthly computer maintenance agreement options.  They are custom tailored to your unique needs and budget. Is your business not quite large enough for a dedicated IT staff, but you require assistance on an ongoing basis?  Find our how your business and employees can benefit by having one of our experts by their side.

Service Agreements you can Rely On
Looking for guaranteed computer support at a fixed cost?  Our service agreements provide you the ability to budget and forecast your computer maintenance costs and provide a substantial discount over our per call service.  Typical services included in our service plans include: 




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We feature 24 hour emergency services.  Call whenever you need us!

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